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Deborah MeyersDeborah Myers, founder of Health at Your Fingertips, teaches people of all ages how to use the Daily Clean Your House Flow to support good health and well-being. After finding relief from chronic pain as a result of back injury, Deborah made the commitment to share what she learned with others.

Thousands of clients, adults, and children, have tested Deborah’s self-help routine, providing valuable feedback. Over time, using the Daily Clean Your House Flow has proved to be effective at providing pain relief, reducing stress and strengthening the immune system, as well as increasing creativity, productivity, clarity, and focus. And these benefits are long-lasting.

Having seen a need for children to enjoy more stress-free lives, Deborah began offering self-help ideas that kids could easily and effortlessly learn and use at home and school. Once she started hearing stories about the huge changes that were taking place when teachers started using the Daily Clean Your House Flow in their classrooms, she was excited to make a difference in children’s lives. That is when Deborah decided to create a video of the Daily Flow that is easy to follow and fun to watch time and again. And watching the video at home is just as much fun – for the whole family!

Grown-ups have discovered that it is super easy and beneficial to use the Daily Flow at work and during activities such as sports, exercise, and yard work. Everyone can plan on enjoying life a whole lot more!

Deborah is passionate about empowering others to live life in a balanced and healthy way. A Certified Acupressurist and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, she has been helping people get and stay healthy since 1995.


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