Fan Mail


I don’t have to badger the kids to do their homework. The kids are getting their work done and they’re doing better in school

mother of two

I have eight students who struggle with paying attention and focusing. ALL of them showed improvement when we used the Daily Flow. I also noticed on days when we didn’t do it that the kids were not as focused. It especially helped one little girl excel for the first time in school!

My students really love the Daily Clean Your House Flow. They love the video, and they like knowing that they have control over their bodies. It's a great tool that they can use at home and for the rest of their lives.

3rd grade teacher, Santa Rosa, CA

My students want to do the Daily Flow. They ask for it! I notice increased attention and focus, improved test scores, plus more success with sports and recess activities.

2nd grade teacher

I love that doing the Daily Clean Your House Flow with my students centers them and creates focus. I notice that there is more cooperation among the students and less acting out. If there is a behavior issue in the classroom, we just do an extra Daily Flow or a pose or two from it, and everyone becomes more centered and well behaved. Doing the Daily Flow is an important part of the day.

Kindergarten teacher

My children are getting along better! The whole family is having fewer and fewer quarrels.

mother of three