Kid Talk

These were emails I received from 6th graders:


"Hi! My name is Jenny. My teacher does this Daily Flow with us every morning about energy. It really helps me get ready for the day!!! I even do it at night before I go to bed because it helps me go to sleep because I often have a hard time going to sleep. Well, I just wanted to tell you that I really like what you do!!! And it really helps!!”

"Hi! My name is Sue. I’m a student in the sixth grade. Our teacher taught us all about the daily flow and now we do it every morning. It is soooo cool, and I love being pumped up when I feel tired and slow. I have even got my brothers starting it! They think it is so much fun! It really is cool. Thanks so much! Sincerely, A happy energized student!"

"Hi. I’m Larry and I’m in sixth grade. We do your exercise every morning and I do it before I go to bed. It helps us be ready for all the information, and it is especially especially great before a BIG test. I like your website and reading your articles. Thanks!"

Kid Comments that put a smile on my face:

This is fun

I feel different

Can we do the Daily Flow now?

I’m getting along better with my brother. And I taught him how to do the Daily Flow. We do it together at home now.

It’s easier to study and I’m getting better grades on my spelling tests.

You know – I haven’t been sick for a long time. (his teacher later told me that this student had been absent because of illness a lot during the first few months of school. They started doing the Daily Flow every day and he hadn’t been ill for the last six weeks).