Daily Clean Your House Flow Family Kit


When you buy the Daily Clean Your House Flow Family Kit you will have a simple set of tools to help your family get more out of every day. The Family Kit includes the Daily Clean Your House Flow animated video plus a guide entitled Daily Clean Your House Flow for Families: A Smart Parent’s Guide to Healthy, Productive Kids and Happy Families. The Kit offers clear explanations and an entertaining demonstration of what to do to increase attention span, reduce stress and handle emotions.

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The Parent’s Guide presents brief, clear explanations and fun illustrations of each of the nine steps of the Daily Clean Your House Flow. The lively Daily Flow video demonstrates the acupressure poses through animated illustrations and music that is appealing to children of all ages. Each step involves gently placing your fingertips on acupressure points to harmonize and restore the energy flow in your body. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes but provides long-lasting results. With the Daily Clean Your House Flow as part of your routine, you and your family can feel great anytime!

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